Electric Golf Car Maintenance


1. Check the level in your batteries once a week.  Do this by opening up each cap on the batteries and look at the level of the water, fill each hole to cover the plates.  Use distilled water.

2. Tighten the nuts on each battery cable connection.  Each time the batteries are charged it gets hot and then when it’s not charging, it cools down.  This makes the nuts back off of the studs, so you need to check and tighten at least weekly to make sure that your connections are good.

3. Charge your batteries each time you aren’t using the car, unless you are using it off and on all day-then charge overnight.  When charging, prop your seat up to allow the batteries to “off-gas” while charging.  “Off-gassing” promotes corrosion of the battery posts and cables, so allowing the gasses to not be trapped and dropped back onto the batteries is the best way to keep this from happening.

4. It is okay and even recommended that you wash the battery compartment.  Use a water hose and spray it down.  This will keep your connections clean and help keep from “shorting out”, as well as keeping your car’s frame from corroding as fast.

5. Use a battery protectant spray that you can get at a car parts store or Wal-Mart at least once a month.  Spray each battery post after you have tightened each connection.

6. Check your tires for proper air pressure and fill as needed.

7. About once every 3 months, spray WD-40 in the key switch and charger receptacle on the car.  This keeps them lubricated and easy to use.

8. If you are really aggressive in keeping up your car, you can grease the grease zerts that are located on the undercarriage of the car.  Each car is different, so you will have to look for them.

You will have many years of enjoyment by doing this basic steps.  Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at 337-882-1168.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy your golf car!

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Tomberlin Anvil

If you live or work in the Lake Charles area, you may have seen our newest addition to our inventory toodling around town, it’s orange and looks like a jeep, but it’s not!  It’s our new all electric street legal Anvil!  It goes 25 mph and is legal on roads 35 mph and less!  I tell you what, my sister and I went all over town, 30 miles, and we were only down to half charge!  It gives you a special satisfaction knowing that you aren’t using up all that gasoline to do your errands!

Running the roads in Lake Charles

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Street Legal!!!

Can you believe it…there are actually electric “golf car style” low speed cars available locally!?!  That’s right, we are the only local dealer to carry these type cars!   We carry the Tomberlin brand (check them out at Tomberlin.net), we have 5 models to choose from at our shop.  From family friendly to off-roading 4×4′s!  You can legally drive them on roads 35mph or less.  You license, inspect and insure them just like your regular car or truck!  The State of Louisiana even has tax credits on them…what could be better?  With the price of gas going up and up, these are definitely something to check out for going to the grocery store, going out to eat or visiting neighbors!  You will find a lot of uses for them and they’re pretty good lookin’ too!

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Louisiana Golf is finally coming into the 21st century!  We will be discussing various topics for your information and/or discussion.  We won’t be discussing just golf cars since our passions are not just golf cars…we are into street legal electric low speed vehicles, alternative energy sources, converting cars from gas to electric, etc.  So check back with us as often as you like, you never know what you will find!


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Not Just for Golf Anymore!!!

Golf cars aren’t just for golf anymore!  We have used that phrase in advertising many times and we want you to know that it’s true!  More golf cars are being used by the everyday person on their property, at the hunting or fishing camp, around their businesses, at the RV parks, on the beaches…there are very few applications where they don’t come in handy!  Not only are they handy, but they are easy to maintain!  Keep the batteries filled with distilled water, keep your connections tight and charge it up after each use and you will have many miles of enjoyment!

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